Saafir Rabb is a business strategist, community developer, and advocate for cultural competence. Born in Baltimore City and growing up between Baltimore and Howard County, he has spent his life working behind the scenes in the communities of Maryland’s 7th district, promoting social enterprise, expanding addictions recovery efforts, building low to moderate income housing, and creating jobs for residents. Saafir went on to build a business career with global philanthropic reach. Throughout this career, he has remained committed to changing the circumstances of District 7 for the better. Saafir is proud of his Maryland heritage and is dedicated to improving the apparatus through which communities connect with their representatives. 

Saafir’s story starts out like many others in the 7th district. He was born in a city rife with failed programs that have divided Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Howard County. His neighborhood, like many others in the 7th, lost close to half of all residents due to financial woes, violence that has taken lives and a never ending drug epidemic now being felt throughout the region. He has watched as these factors have worsened, and he has witnessed program after program fail to make real change.

As the son of a teacher and a union steelworker, Saafir understands that the economy is built upon the backs of American workers. Because of this, he is dedicated to promoting workers rights, strengthening unions and protections, and raising the minimum wage. Our friends, family and neighbors should not have to work multiple jobs in order to put food on the table for their families, this is why Saafir has a strategy that reprioritizes middle class Americans. 

Saafir has developed an accomplished business career that spans the globe. He has focused his business efforts on promoting diversity and inclusion, building a broad international network of business leaders in the process. This has given him a unique lens into international problems. Saafir will champion diplomacy, working to find common ground solutions that promote peace while opposing irresponsible policies that hurt American credibility at home and abroad. 

Saafir graduated from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and knows how important a quality public education is to the long term success of American families. Saafir plans to push for not only increased investment into Maryland’s public school system, but investments that are smarter and more effective. 

Saafir plans to be a leading progressive voice when he gets to Capitol Hill. Marylanders see that big decisions are being made in favor of special interests, and they see that the Government isn’t helping people at the most basic level. He will bring a strong voice to DC to advocate for job creation, affordable housing, unemployment insurance, quality education, and gun control. 

Saafir graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland and received a Masters degree from Johns Hopkins University. Saafir served as an advisor to President Barack Obama’s transition team and is currently a board member with the Coalition for Black Excellence and Words Beats and Life.








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